non-surgical liposuction

To date, cavitation - is the most revolutionary method of dealing with excess body fat. Millions of people throughout the civilized world are choosing this method of modern medicine. This success is due to stunning results - you'll see the effect after the first procedure.
Every person always wants to stay in shape. Someone is actively involved in sports, someone exhausts himself with endless diets, eating packets of drugs and non-drugs or drugs for weight loss supplements that promise to help in weight loss and figure correction. Gradually many tools appeared for losing weight and people increasingly turn to professional services of modern beauty salons. And then appeared absolutely painless and effective method to get results comparable with surgical removal of fatty deposits and cellulite.

Until recently, the only method available to solve the problem instantly get rid of body fat was an operational surgical liposuction, that is, liposuction that is done using a special vacuum apparatus. It is said that Spanish women are doing this operation every year. And although it is not difficult, but nevertheless the operation, with all its "charm" - anesthesia, pain, scarring, postoperative rehabilitation, etc. Why all this hate, now if all the "bread", "breeches" and "lifeline may disappear quickly, painlessly and most importantly, forever.

Indications for the cavitation procedure

    Using the procedure of cavitation one may noticeable decrease the body fat in the following problem areas:
  • The waist and abdomen;
  • Buttocks;
  • Hips, Zone "riding breeches";
  • The back and the back of the neck;
  • Shoulders, forearms, hands
  • Knees.

Effect of the Cavitation procedure

Effect is visible immediately after the first session and reinforced in the next few days. One session may be inferred from the body up to 15 cm³ of fat. This corresponds to a loss of volume at the waist from 3 to 7 inches after just one session of cavitation. Moreover, these results persist for many years, because the accumulation of fat in the treated field is terminated. Cavitation is not only able to provide correct figure and weight, but also to effectively fight cellulite: fibrous tissue (orange peel) is destroyed, and not just "squeezed out" as in other procedures. After non-surgical liposuction of hips and other problem areas the skin becomes smooth and elastic.

The procedure description

2 zones are treated in one session, each around 15 by 25 cm
Duration of session of ultrasonic cavitation is 40 minutes
Repeated the session can be carried out not more than once in 7 days
The course of treatments depending on the extent of the problem consists of 3-10 sessions
If necessary, a repeated session is done after 5-6 months
The procedure is recommended in conjunction with the procedure of lymphatic drainage (massage or body wrap)
Specified period of time is recommended in order to avoid overload the lymphatic system.

Recommendations before the cavitation session

  • During 3 days before the session don‘t consume alcohol
  • During 3 days before the session e is not desirable to eat greasy, fried and spicy food, so as not to burden the liver and kidneys
  • During 3 days before the session it is necessary to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day
  • It is advisable to drink 1 liter of clean water for 2-3 hours before the procedure
  • These recommendations are relevant and after the cavitation session, and during the course. After the session within 2 or 3 days one should drink daily at least 1 liter of clean water to accelerate the withdrawal of the decay products.


Since the breakdown products of fat cells are absorbed into the blood stream and then output by the liver, with the initial consultation of patients, we are primarily interested in - was not whether they have a serious liver diseases such as hepatitis.

An important factor in healthy indicators of liver enzymes such as transaminase and bilirubin. Consequently, if the patient identifies the problems with the liver - a method of non-surgical liposuction is not for him.

  • pregnancy and lactation
  • the period of the menstrual cycle
  • chronic liver disease, hepatitis
  • kidney disease, renal failure, kidney stones
  • cholelithiasis
  • disorders of the immune system and circulatory system disorders
  • damage the skin in the area of the procedure
  • availability of implants, scars, scars and tattoos in the impact zone
  • uncompensated stage of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
  • malignant and benign, except for lipomas
  • osteoporosis
  • artificial pacemaker (pacemakers, etc.)
  • prosthetic hip, knee
  • metal structures in the impact zone
  • exomphalos

Operating principle
The essence of the method of ultrasonic liposuction

The device, called cavitation generator designed specifically for medical centers and beauty salons, generates low-frequency ultrasonic waves with some very stringent technological characteristics (frequency, pressure and density of the flow). Inside fat cells, this ultrasonic wave creates microbubbles that are just ... burst, releasing energy that breaks down fat cells permanently. That is, it means that it is here that fat "deposit" will never be. What happens to the liberated "content"? It enters the extracellular space and safely excreted from the body through the lymph vessels.
In these small bubbles is a great power. When they burst, facing inward, outward energy is released in 100 kg/cm². This energy affects solely on fat cells (fat cells) and destroy their membrane, thereby releasing accumulated inside the liquid.
Thus, there is the physical destruction of cells, increasing the volume of which is the root cause of unwanted fat deposits. The destruction of the membrane lipocytes fat as would be "diluted", falls into the extra-cellular space and naturally excreted from the body - 90% through the lymphatic system, while 10% is absorbed by blood, being transformed into the basic molecule of glucose, due to which the body receives an extra boost of energy.

After removal of the split products the accumulation of fat in the treated area becomes impossible.
Decrease in volume is due to the destruction of the fat that is excreted naturally. This does not affect either blood vessels or nerves or internal organs!
Continuous creation of microbubbles within the liquid vacuum, which later exploded, called stable cavitation. This physical process that has never been used in aesthetic medicine, and is the basis for the functioning of the device RAH-MediCell, is a powerful generator of cavitation.

Cavitation conditions

  • Pressure - 0.6 kPa
  • Vibration frequency - from 39-41 kHz (thus achieving a more profound impact - 8-10 cm)

Vibration increases the level of exchange of metabolites and fluid in adipose tissue from the external environment of the cell, where they churn through the process of being metabolized and excreted in the urine.

Cavitation can be described as a process, caused by ultrasound in liquid or fat tissue when energy release is due to the impact of the compression waves of high specific pressure to a minimum area equal to 100 kg/cm². This pressure stimulates and boosts metabolism between adipose tissue and the intracellular space, helping to drain excess fluid from the adipose tissue to restore the original physiological balance.
That is, in fact, this method gives a result of liposuction, but without surgical intervention. To expedite the process of removing the decay products of fat cells, you can do lymphatic drainage.

Cavitation can permanently remove fat cells, even those that are accumulating in his fat, increase in size by 50 times. With the new method of membrane every fat cell is destroyed, at the same time without affecting other cells of the human body.

RAH-MediCell Equipment

RAH- MediCell is used in the salon cosmetology to carry out non-surgical liposuction, which is by far is the most productive and technically advanced in the sector of aesthetic medicine cosmetology equipment. The device is the result of years of research the world's leading experts on correction. RAH-Medi Cell - this is the first device in the world, using a detailed studied by scientists, physicists, the effect of cavitation for the treatment of local fat and cellulite.

RAH-MediCell effectively and safely handle large areas in a short period of time.
RAH-MediCell - a low-frequency ultrasonic generator, which creates the effect of cavitation and manages the cavitation process.

    Benefits RAH-MediCell:
  • Non-surgical method of liposuction
  • Lack of rehabilitation period
  • Quick impact (see the result immediately after the procedure)
  • Advanced software ensures simple, safe and reliable use of the device
  • Minimum number of required procedures (usually 6-8 procedures for two months)
  • Approved treatment protocols
  • High efficiency and saving the result for many years
  • Built-in bioimpedansmetre (diagnostics)
  • No need to wear compression bandages
  • Does not require the use of medicines

The action of the device RAH purposefully works exclusively on getting rid of excess weight and cellulite, leaving alone all the other parts and the body's cells. That is to release the local fat build-up, the so-called "rollers", "bread", "breeches", "cheeks of love" and so on.

Cavitation device is not used, in areas close on the hard tissue.

After the procedure, increased urination, and other selections are observed due to the normal removal of decay products. And yet, significantly changes the color of bowel movements - still would be in them half a cup of fat. If the nodules on the knees can be removed, for example, in 3-4 sessions, then a tremendous cellulite folds in the stomach area - no less than 7. And come to be 2 times a week.


The phenomenon of cavitation is known to mankind for almost 40 years. It lies in the fact that when exposed to gas or liquid with ultrasonic waves of special features, the formation of micro bubbles, which have great potential energy. With further influence this process, the bubbles grow and burst.

The essence of it in the long run is simple: the term itself is derived from the Latin word "void". Scientists at the beginning of last century, faced with this curious phenomenon, but failed to recognize its value only after decades.
Most clearly the principle of cavitation can be observed when boiling water or shaking a bottle with sunflower oil, when in the liquid appear hollow bubbles and cavitation cycle begins. In the so-called "collapse" is formed energy, capable of working on any matter.

Scientific papers on the impact of cavitation, including the human body, presented at the site of the National Space Agency of the U.S. (NASA).
Cavitation application to treat fat deposits first to offer the Italian scientists. Using the technique of cavitation reinforced solid bibliography and a reputable clinical studies.
It is known that at birth the fat cells once been formed in our body, never to reduce its size, but only decrease (reduced in size) in any attempt to lose weight or increase in size with obesity.

The physical nature of the impact of cavitation on the fabric is fundamentally different from the ultrasonic treatment used in aesthetic medicine.
The phenomenon of cavitation - the formation of microbubbles - occurs only at certain frequencies (25-70 kHz), pressure (0.6 kPa) and flux density.
Thus, the main active principle in the cavitation is not the ultrasonic wave and the energy released at rupture of micro bubbles. In this case, the pressure on the surrounding tissue is not less than 100 kg/cm² (!). This fact causes the violation of the integrity of the membranes of fat cells.
At the same time, other cells and tissues (muscle fibrils, epidermal cells, vascular endothelial, etc.) under the action of cavitation are not damaged, because are relatively stable and have sufficient elasticity.
There have been many scientific studies that proved the efficacy and safety of cavitation.

Be healthy and beautiful! And our equipment will help you.

#10 2013-11-08 09:22
Quoting Christiane:
I had an ultrasonic cavitation. Days later on one side I feel bloated as if I'm carrying a fetus. Is there a reason I feel this way?

That can happen if you do not get lymphatic massage after treatments to flush out the fat cells that were destroyed
#9 2013-11-08 09:19
Quoting Alexandra:
Quoting Sophie C:
What about saggy skin? I already have saggy skin, if I use lipo-cavitation, removing volume under the skin, will my skin not be even saggier?

I have the same problem and would like a response, please.

Quoting Alexandra:
Quoting Sophie C:
What about saggy skin? I already have saggy skin, if I use lipo-cavitation, removing volume under the skin, will my skin not be even saggier?

I have the same problem and would like a response, please.

Yes, it can make skin sag. If you have lose skin already ten I recommend having RF skin tightening or some other laser skin tightening procedure before cavitation sessions as well as directly after each session.
#8 Alexandra 2013-10-03 22:17
Quoting Sophie C:
What about saggy skin? I already have saggy skin, if I use lipo-cavitation, removing volume under the skin, will my skin not be even saggier?

I have the same problem and would like a response, please.
#7 Rola 2013-09-06 20:44
I have finished my 5th session cavitation for my waist and abdomen area coupled to cellulite massages (6 sessions so far). i lost in first 2 sessions around 3cm which i gained back, 4th and 5th was like getting 1 cm off before seeing it in next. net result at the end og my 5th week = 1cm only.
PS: i didnt gain weight, am drinking at least 2 L water per day, no alcohool at all and around 1 cup of coffee per day.

they told me might because my period is late... but i dont think this is the case since i never had regular periods.. might takes additional 2 weeks before it (no hormonal issues - checked trice).

sooo... am really disappointed. all i wanted was to lose 1 size.. guess a net loss of around 5-6 cm

any suggestion?
#6 asia 2013-09-03 04:48
I have a metal plate in my arm and leg. Would I still be able to have my tummy treated? I know it says metal objects so not sure disqualifies me all together.
#5 Christiane 2013-04-29 02:29
I had an ultrasonic cavitation. Days later on one side I feel bloated as if I'm carrying a fetus. Is there a reason I feel this way?
#4 Yesa 2013-04-21 14:05
I was diagnosed with chronic glomerulonephritis 13 yrs ago but I still want to undergo such procedure, would there be other options for me coz I had a hardtime eliminating my unwanted fats. Please send your reply to my email:
Hoping for a prompt feedback.

#3 Yesa 2013-04-21 13:58
I was diagnosed with chronic glomerulonephritis 13 yrs ago but I still want to undergo such procedure, would there be other options for me coz I had a hardtime eliminating my unwanted fats.

#2 Sophie C 2013-03-21 12:57
What about saggy skin? I already have saggy skin, if I use lipo-cavitation, removing volume under the skin, will my skin not be even saggier?
#1 Cynthia O. 2013-01-11 16:38
Are there any noted complication to this proc. like fat embolism & or pulmonary embolism?
Doctor answers
Dear Cynthia,
No, there is not any complication like that to the proc.

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