Spanish massage

Creator and author of the Spanish school of massage is director of the Institute of Manual Therapy Inmaster (Barcelona, Spain), Professor of Medicine, Enrique Garcia Castells. Spanish massage includes a wide variety of face and  body hiromassage techniques.

The uniqueness of this massage is gentle technique without pain, muscle contraction and vessels spasm..

Spanish massage performed by professional is able to deal with many problems of the body: osteochondrosis, fibrosis, contracture, arthritis,  edema, cellulite, stretch marks, weight gain, high and low blood pressure;it helps to run the recovery functions of the central and autonomic nervous system, solves the problem of muscle fatigue, detox, rigidity or atony of muscles, relieves stress, helps to relax after a busy day, raises immunity, slows down the process of biological aging of the skin, helps to restore  muscle tugor and has the effect of non-surgical braces and skin rejuvenation.

Some techniques of Spanish massage

Massage for relaxation

Various elements of the proposed techniques solve the problems associated with stress and negative impact of the environment, including social problems. Massage contains elements that affect the tissue at various levels and improves the psycho-emotional status of the person, the state of muscle tissue and the cardiovascular system.

Bio-vascular massage (lymphatic drainage)

Unique method, which solves most problems associated with weak blood vessels in the part of the lymphatic and venous drainage systems. Gives excellent results. This technique is indispensable for the elimination of circulatory disorders and after plastic surgery.

Miostructural massage (body and face)

Massage affects the deeper levels of muscles, ligaments, joints and bone tissue. The main goal - achieving maximum muscle relaxation, improvement of metabolic processes. The result is a significant decrease in pain, increase mobility in joints and muscles.

Anti-cellulite massage

During the massage is increased circulation, improves lymphatic flow and exchange processes in problem areas. The result is an effective fight against cellulite.

Massage of face, neck, decollete

Massage technique consists of several parts: work with laughter, and other wrinkles, problem-solving in the lips and eyes, neck, decollete, improving tone and elasticity of all tissue layers.
Technique is based on a deep tissue massage, which stimulates the microcirculation and improves the metabolism and detoxification of the skin, contributes to the saturation of oxygen. In this tone the major muscle groups is increased and there is a visible effect of non-surgical lifting.


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